It’s never a good thing to find mold in your house , especially when it can lead to expensive repairs and health problems. Even a little area of mold in your home has the potential to become a major problem. In the correct circumstances, mold spores can begin to develop in as little as one to two days, and if left unchecked, they can quickly spread to any surface they can grow on. If you’ve discovered mold developing in your house, you must immediately begin the mold remediation procedure. 

However, how long does it take for a professional to get rid of mold? This question needs a more complex solution since a number of variables affect the process. Homes with extensive mold growth may require much more time to finish. Mold removal is more challenging in houses with inadequate ventilation and high humidity levels. However, cleanup should be finished over a few days to a week, depending on the property’s size, the infestation’s severity, and the moisture sources.

Traditional Mold Remediation: Time frame

Traditional mold remediation methods can take as long as a week or more to complete, depending on the severity and scope of the problem. This does not indicate that you will resume your usual schedule in a week, though. The process of remediation is just getting started.

The majority of mold removal services will remove any fibrous materials that are afflicted with mold, such as carpet or drywall. Any structural components that can’t be removed will need to be sealed after being treated. 

You’ll have to determine  how to fix the damage caused during cleanup when the mold remediation is finished. Essentially, if you use traditional techniques, you’ll also have to pay for any repairs that become necessary due to the mold remediation procedure and the cost of mold removal.

Locating a reliable contractor in your region might be difficult because traditional tear out remediation is a lengthy process and companies are sometimes scheduled far in advance.

Dry Fog Mold Remediation: Time frame

“Dry fogging” is the latest method that has been named as the “future of mold remediation.” It is a quick, efficient method that doesn’t require any renovation to get rid of mold spores all throughout your house.

A non-toxic EPA approved disinfectant  is discharged as a vapor of microscopic particles during the  procedure. The vapor covers the entire  area spreading out quickly and going everywhere in the home without dampening surfaces.

Dry fog has rapid action. It spreads throughout the house in just a few hours and eradicates germs and mold. Additionally, because it leaves so little of a trail, no clean-up is needed when the operation is all over.

Fogging treatments seem to make sense and are a highly appealing alternative to traditional treatment approaches. Since walls and floors aren’t torn out during typical demolition, fogging is both less expensive and intrusive for property owners. Additionally, fogging takes just a few hours to complete compared to days or weeks for traditional remediation. 

It’s also important to note that things removed using traditional mold remediation techniques only have visible mold growth. There is no assurance that mold doesn’t exist elsewhere in your home or isn’t just starting to grow.

Although dealing with mold  is something that no one enjoys, you can rely on our professionals at Pure Maintenance of Texas to assist you in completing the mold remediation procedure as swiftly as possible. Pure Maintenance’s dry fog  remediation is less disruptive, quicker, and requires little to no tear-out.

In Conclusion

There’s no need to wait if you suspect mold in your home.. The sooner the cleanup procedure is started, the better. Mold, visible and invisible, must be eliminated throughout the property.  Contact Pure Maintenance of Texas today for a complimentary evaluation and estimate.

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