Layton, Utah–(Newsfile Corp. – January 31, 2023) – Utah-based mold removal and odor remediation expert Pure Maintenance announces its milestones for 2023 with an achievement of removing mold from a quarter of a billion square feet across the globe. Pure Maintenance specializes in eradicating mold from both the surface and air using its unique VaPure System, powered by its patented and innovative dry fog technology. Within a short span of time, the company has established more than 170 branches worldwide. While celebrating its achievements, Pure Maintenance emphasizes its aim to serve more clients by expanding its branches with affordable and demolition-free air quality maintenance and mold remediation.

In the year 2022 alone, the company has successfully treated a large volume of the area across the world, which amounts to almost 250 million square feet, with its mold remediation technology. This also means that Pure Maintenance has saved several homeowners from intrusive demolition projects due to mold infestation. The reason is the mold remediation technology developed and used by the company doesn’t require the facilities to be destroyed. In addition, Pure Maintenance cleans the entire building, considering the potential spread of pathogens through the air to other areas in the same building instead of just focusing on the area of infection.

Another milestone achieved by the company is the opening of 6 new international offices, including its second branch in Western Australia being the latest. The new branch in Australia is its 170th office, and the company achieved this milestone within a short period of three years. Commenting on the achievements and growth of the company, Brandon Adams, the CEO of Pure Maintenance, said, “We opened a new location every three weeks last year. Our plan is to open a new office every two weeks this year.”

Another milestone the company is aiming to achieve is to develop an air quality monitoring system. The company is already partnering with another entity to develop a system that can monitor the airborne concentration of infectious products in real-time. The aim is to make the process more science-based rather than based on manual assessments.

About Pure Maintenance

Pure Maintenance is headquartered in Layton, Utah, United States, and was established in 2003. The company specializes in Mold Abatement, Mold Remediation, Mold Inspection, Mold removal, Odor Remediation, and Disinfection Services. The services provided by the company are available across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

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Where did the Dead Mold Myth come from, and why does it linger?



The question gets asked often. What do we tell customers who have either read or been told that “dead mold” can still make you sick. To answer this and other misconceptions, let’s dive into the history of the industry and my opinion as to how this whole thing got started. For many years, the general population was under the assumption that bleach kills mold. This can be traced to the 60’s or even earlier. A few years later, actually in the 70’s, changes in building techniques were instituted which made mold more and more prevalent in homes. At this point in the timeline there is an increasing mold problem throughout the country. People are bleaching mold and still feeling sick in their own homes after bleaching.

Other Chemicals

Along with this, home improvement establishments begin offering chemicals that control mold- but certainly nothing that kills mold. One needs to read the small print to discover nothing is really being killed. These factors created a perfect storm. Mostly well meaning disaster recovery companies (and some not so well meaning) began the process of educating and selling the notion that even dead mold makes you sick so we need to tear out as much as possible to get the home safe. This multi million and perhaps billion dollar industry was created based on the perceived knowledge that even though people “killed” the mold with either bleach or some other disinfectant, some or all who lived in the home were still sick. The industry, to this day, hangs their hat on the idea that dead mold makes you sick. It is actually quite senseless if you really sit back and think it through. Now flash forward to somewhere in the late 90’s when it became obvious to some health practitioners, and some labs alike that bleach did not kill mold. This was huge news- yet nobody hit the reset button and set the record straight. Meanwhile, tear-out business is thriving, and in my opinion, compromising the health of every customer that tries to tear it out on their own or hires someone to do the same.

The Answer

Most still operate under the thought process that we killed the mold with the bleach, but someone was still sick. Therefore we need to tear out as much as possible. There is no testing data, no white paper, or anything that scientifically shows that a dead mold spore can either A- make you sick or, B- become an allergen. Yet the myth remains alive, based on bad information dating back to the 60’s. Another facet of this subject is the confusion between dead mold spores and dormant mold spores. Yes, dormant mold can still make you sick and dormant mold can still be an allergen. Think of dormant as “dehydrated” or dried out mold. Once it is exposed to the right environment, it’s off and running again. The dormant cell is still in-tact. But dead mold is a whole different thing. Dead, by the Pure Maintenance definition, and the microbiological world definition of dead, is accomplished by what is know as lysis. The outer membrane of the cell will fall apart through a process of oxidation.


Additionally, we incorporate a process called denaturing. The definition of denaturing is: destroying the characteristic properties of a protein or biological macromolecule by heat, acidity, or other effects that disrupt the molecular conformation. InstaPURE is an EPA registered sterilant. By the very nature of that registration, it has to kill mold. Once mold has been exposed to InstaPURE, the outer membrane is oxidized and the cell is denatured. It becomes “inert nothingness”.   Mike Adams February 2019.

Originally Published on 08 February 2019 by Pure Maintenance