Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center


Fort Bend Children's Discovery Center

Top 5 activities that you should try out when visiting

One of the places to visit while at Sugar Land is Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center. It is a perfect place for kids to be kids and learn a lot about themselves and others. There are plenty of activities that help bring out their creativity and also satisfy their curiosity. In addition to the safety precautions put in place to protect the young ones, you can easily keep an eye on them from a distance. Here are some of the activities that you should consider.

  •  Amazingly Immature

As the name implies, this exhibition aims to bring out the fascinating side of your child by allowing them to freely express themselves without the usual constraints of expectations. There are several different tasks curated for this purpose. They get to build incredible stuff, try out different challenges, learn new skills, and, most importantly, have lots of fun.

  • How does it work?

This is basically a knowledge-filled section where your youngster gets to satisfy their curiosity. There are a lot of scientific experiments to be done and challenges to take that end up improving their understanding of various scientific concepts.

  • Cum Yah Gullah

This is a cultural exhibition depicting the lifestyle of the Gullah people that came to be due to a merger between two different heritages. It is artistic and also helps people learn more about diverse cultural backgrounds, among other things.

  • Tot Spot

It provides quality family time as you get to interact with your kids without any interference from other people. Many activities here will fully engage your toddler and help them develop mentally.

  • Kidtropolis

This city for kids promotes social interaction and helps them develop essential life skills by putting them in an emulation of the real-world environment. They get to make their own decisions and live by them.


Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center will help your child realize their innate abilities and learn new skills. It allows them to freely express themselves and experiment on different matters in a nonrestrictive yet safe environment. Experts develop the exhibitions to impart knowledge and practical skills in a way that the young can easily understand and enjoy. It is a place where you can create beautiful memories with your family.

Pure Maintenance of Texas families fully endorses all the fun activities the Children’s Discovery Center offers. Be sure to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.





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