Damaged wall, exposed burst water pipes, sponge and bucket

Individual mold spores are flowing throughout the open air at all times. Indoors, when moisture is allowed to dwell on a porous surface inside a building, these mold spores attach themselves and begin to grow at a rapid pace. Once they have attached, it takes more than household cleaners to break their stronghold. Here are some of the most common causes of mold growth:

  1. Poor Ventilation – Inadequate ventilation in an indoor space can cause moisture to become trapped, leading to an ideal environment for mold growth. Make sure to open windows and doors, install exhaust fans, and use dehumidifiers.
  1. Leaky Pipes and Roofs – Leaking pipes and roofs can introduce moisture into your home, which is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Check regularly for signs of water damage and repair any leaks quickly.
  1. Condensation – Inadequate insulation and drafts can cause condensation on walls and attics. This is particularly common during periods of high humidity and if left unchecked can lead to growth.
  1. Flooding – Floods are the most obvious culprit when it comes to mold. If you have experienced flooding, make sure to dry out any wet materials.
  1. Poor or Inadequate Cleaning – Dust and other organic material left on surfaces can provide nutrients that promote the growth of mold. Regularly clean your home and make sure to clean any wet or damp surfaces quickly.

By understanding what causes mold to grow, you can take steps to prevent it in your home or business.

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