Taking an air quality test when a customer believes mold might contaminate their home is the first step. Yet, hearing some technicians arrive and announce they are there to take such tests without delving into details can be disconcerting – especially since false negatives may occur! 

Not only does this create distrust between customers and techs, but it also sends misinformation about potential hazards directly to healthcare providers due to a lack of expertise from the technician’s side. 

At Pure Maintenance of Texas, we always strive to be experts in our field to provide valuable information reliably.


If you ever wonder about the air quality around you, there are many tell-tale signs to look out for – aside from an official air quality test:

You feel under the weather all the time with no particular cause.

Trust your gut – take some time to look at home for potential sources of fatigue. You know yourself and your environment better than anyone else, so relying on your instincts will often lead you in the right direction.

Your home has been subject to a past flood or leak event.

There is a very high chance you could be dealing with elevated mold levels. Have peace of mind knowing that the effects can typically be reversed and remedied through proper inspection and treatment.

Your home has an odor.

The idea of a ‘musty-smelling house’ is universally understood, yet its inhabitants can often be oblivious to the underlying odor due presumably to our natural ability for adaptation. It’s something that human biology blesses and curses us with, usually without any warning!

When the air conditioner or heater is switched on, there’s an unpleasant odor.

This can often be attributed to a high level of mold colonies living in the HVAC system – essentially transforming it into a veritable breeding ground.

The bathroom has signs of darkened grout or mold on the ceiling or around drains/window sills.

All these seem normal, but unfortunately, a healthy home should have none or at least very few instances of these – any such issues must be identified and addressed promptly for health reasons.

Seasonal allergies have become less seasonal and are constant.

Allergens don’t always follow the seasons – many homeowners find their symptoms persist throughout the year. Fungal spores from excess mold in homes can wreak havoc on people’s sinuses and is often a flag for professional remediation services. Frequent morning congestion, compounded by unpleasant discharge upon blowing one’s nose, indicates an elevated fungal load that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Paint peeling and water stains on drywall. 

Where there is peeling, there is usually water. Where there is water, there is mold. To prevent the spread of this potentially hazardous fungus, it’s essential to address any signs of surface damage quickly and effectively.

Persistent sore throat or coughing, which is often unresponsive to antibiotic treatments.

Furthermore, additional symptoms such as rash and itching of the skin should not be overlooked.

If your home or building presents any of these eight telltale signs, it could indicate an elevated mold load. Be sure to investigate further for continued safety and peace of mind.

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