The cost to remove mold from your home or business can be a time-consuming and costly process. The amount for removal depends on several factors, including the size of the area affected, the type of mold present, and any other associated damage.

If you have a small area that is affected, the cost may be minimal. However, if it has spread throughout your home, it could be more expensive to remove. 

The type of mold present in your home can also affect the cost of removal. In traditional remediation, non-toxic is often much easier and cheaper to remove than toxic molds.

You will also need to consider the cost of repairing any damage. Mold can cause structural damage to your home, such as rotting wood or crumbling drywall, which will need to be repaired before the mold can be completely removed. If it has spread to your furniture, carpeting, and other items, these may also need to be replaced.

Overall, the cost of removal can vary greatly. However, it is important to remember that removing mold as soon as possible is essential to avoid further issues.

Contact Pure Maintenance of Texas today to learn how to avoid costly traditional tear-out remediation and save your personal possessions with our patented dry fog technology. Our experts can provide you with tailored advice and pricing based on the size of the area affected, the type of mold present, and any associated damage.

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